The Evergreen Forum is a volunteer organization under the auspices of the Princeton Senior Resource Center. Courses are open to all adult residents of Princeton and its neighboring communities. Classes are held at various locations in Princeton, including the Princeton Senior Resource Center's Suzanne Patterson Building, the Princeton Public Library and Princeton's Monument Hall. Course fees cover administrative services, overhead costs and classroom space. The Evergreen Forum is an affiliate of the Road Scholar Institute Network.

Due to the popularity of The Evergreen Forum and our commitment to small discussion-based classes, participants for over-subscribed courses are selected by lottery. Detailed course information is emailed to students at least two weeks prior to the start of classes, which generally run for eight weeks.

Governance of the Evergreen Forum is conducted by a Steering Committee elected by participants in the program at an Annual Meeting. The Steering Committee makes policy with respect to the courses offered, the recruitment and evaluation of course leaders and the conduct of the Annual Meeting and other meetings for participants. PSRC manages all administrative aspects of the program. Steering Committee positions include Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary as well as Standing and Ad Hoc committees with specified responsibilities.

Steering Committee Members 2017-18:

Lee Harrod - Chair

Lynne Cullinane - Vice Chair

Kurt Steiner - Secretary


Lynne Cullinane

Arthur Firestone

Eliot Freeman

Milton Grannatt

Barbara Greenstein

Lee Harrod

Elaine Jacoby

Edith Jeffrey

Stuart Kurtz

Harold Kuskin

Betty Lies

Nancy Light

Robert Mehlman

Irwin Rosenblum

Kurt Steiner

Judith Walzer

PSRC Liaison: Abigail Meletti

Participation in the Evergreen Forum is required to serve as a member of the Steering Committee or any other Evergreen Forum committee. Participants are persons who have taken or led an Evergreen Forum course. They are encouraged to contribute to the administration and operation of the program by serving as officers, committee members and course leaders. They are also invited to attend the Annual Meeting to vote in the election of Steering Committee members and on other such matters as presented by the Steering Committee.


2015-2016 Evergreen Forum Steering Committee


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