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Welcome to The Evergreen Forum, a program of the Princeton Senior Resource Center (PSRC). We are well into our second decade! The Evergreen Forum has grown dramatically since 2001, from 40 participants the first semester to more than  500 recently. The organization is led by a volunteer Steering Committee with volunteer instructors.  It is a member of the Roads Scholar Institute Network.

The Forum provides stimulating daytime study and discussion programs for adults from throughout the greater Princeton area.  It encourages active participation for those who enjoy learning for its own sake.  Our course leaders are drawn from teachers and other professionals devoted to their subject and wishing to share their enthusiasm. Most of the courses take place in the Suzanne Patterson Building or at Monument Hall in Princeton. A few will be off-site in various locations.

We are excited to have found space at the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville 
for some classes. This will relieve pressure on our usual rooms and parking, as well as enable class participants to have time to socialize before and after class. The church is on Route 206 by the Lawrenceville School and on the NJ Transit bus 606 route. It is our vision that this expansion will help us plan and prepare for future growth!

Due to the popularity of The Evergreen Forum and our commitment to small discussion-based classes, we use a lottery system to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to take a class. All registrations submitted in any form during a given registration period will be considered equally.

Registration procedure:
1. Designate a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice on the registration form. 
Over-subscribed courses will be populated by lottery, so please list a second or third choice.

2. First choice classes that are oversubscribed will be placed in lottery.
People who do not get their first choice will be placed in their second or third choice if there is space.

3. Designate if you want to take a second course.
Second course slots will be filled by lottery after the first round of classes is assigned.  You may only take a second course once everyone has been assigned to a first course.

4. Submit payment for ONLY your FIRST choice class with registration.
Any additional payments or credits will be made after class assignments have been set. The refund policy remains the same: you may receive a full refund if it is requested prior to processing your application, or a refund less a $10 processing fee until the end of the first class session. No refunds will be made after that point.

Please note: Payment will be processed at the time of registration. If you are not registered for a class, it may be 2-3 weeks before we process the refund. 

FEES: $85 for 6 - 8 week courses. $65 for short courses. Financial assistance is available for those who find the fee a hardship. Please make a request to PSRC Executive Director, Susan Hoskins.

The Evergreen Forum maintains a strong commitment to small, participatory classes.  Please help us make this experiment successful.

All course leaders are volunteers who look forward to working with an involved student body.  Please do not register for a course unless you expect to be able to attend a majority of the classes.

We are delighted to have been able to form a community of people who are interested in lifelong learning and look forward to seeing many of you in the upcoming semester. 

  -- The Evergreen Forum Steering Committee

  --  Princeton Senior Resource Center 



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